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Sanjeev Sodhani

Co-Founder and Director

Mr. Sanjeev Sodhani, the Co-Founder and Director of Winfra Buildtech Pvt Ltd brings a wealth of experience spanning nearly 25 years in Civil Contracting and EPC across diverse industries. With extensive expertise in project planning and execution of large-scale infrastructure projects, including Telecom, Power Transmissions, Building, roads, and airports,
Sanjeev showcases exceptional technical acumen, strategic decision-making, and a strong financial and business sense. His track record includes securing and successfully implementing numerous projects. Sanjeev's exceptional leadership skills and deep procurement expertise make him an invaluable asset, consistently driving efficiency and upholding high-quality standards.
Satyabrata Das

Co-Founder and Director

Mr. Satyabrata Das, the Co-Founder and Director of Winfra Buildtech Pvt Ltd is an innovative entrepreneur driven by a passion for turning groundbreaking ideas into reality, guided by the mantra "Alter your mindset." With a rich background encompassing 15 years of diverse experience in Advertising, e-commerce, tech startups, and manufacturing
He has established himself as an accomplished leader. Satyabrata is committed to creating technology, products, and services that contribute to nation-building, with a forward-looking perspective aimed at benefiting future generations. He brings innovative thinking, strategic vision, and strong leadership skills to guide the company towards continued growth and market prominence.
Deepak Tripathi

Sales Head

Mr. Deepak Tripathi brings over 10 years of marketing experience providing invaluable leadership, knowledge, and expertise to our transformation plan. He will play a crucial role in implementing business strategies in collaboration with the sales team. With a strong background in direct sales and cross-functional team management, Deepak efficiently oversees the entire product life cycle, driving the justification for new product development.
His unparalleled expertise in water systems, treatment processes, and technology applications makes him an invaluable asset in advancing water-related solutions. Fearlessly tackling complex challenges, Deepak consistently delivers innovative solutions that elevate water quality, foster conservation, and drive sustainability efforts.
Neeraj Kumar

Production Head

With 14 years of experience spanning various industries in manufacturing and production Neeraj Kumar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their role in the Production department. Their diverse background has cultivated a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, quality control, and operational efficiency.
Neeraj excels at identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to enhance productivity and reduce costs. With an unwavering focus on continuous improvement and meticulous attention to detail, they ensure smooth and efficient production operations, consistently surpassing targets. Committed to delivering exceptional results, Neeraj is dedicated to contributing to the success of the production department and the organization as a whole.